Welcome to my new blog and my first author website. I’m using a default WordPress template for the moment, though I do quite like the header. There’s a scene in my novel where a character walks down a corridor just like this.

My name is Laura Lam. I’m American but live in Scotland. I’m a bookworm and watch more TV than I probably should.

I’m currently seeking a home for my first novel, entitled Pantomime. It has had some success and risen through the slush of Angry Robot‘s Open Door Month and I am awaiting a reply from the editors. I’m also working on another book with the same main character but ten years later, currently titled The Searcher and the Shadow.

I’m also attending my first UK convention, FantasyCon, next weekend down in Brighton. I’m looking forward to meeting new authors, professionals, and genre enthusiasts. Alas, no cosplay, though, from what I hear.

Cheers for visiting, and look for more from me.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Looks like an excellent blog Laura, I found my way here via Twitter where i’m Frenchnutwoman.

    I’ll try keep on reading your blog, because I like the way you write. And I find that you have interesting things to say. 😉

    And also I really like the design of your blog. Welcome on WordPress!


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