Women of the Future

The blog Retronaut (which you should all read), has an interesting series on women of the future, as imagined in 1902. These have been circulating the net for a few weeks, but they popped up on my Twitter feed again and I thought them too wonderful not to share on my blog.

It’s strange to look at them. They’re flirty, and might have been taken as pin-up¬†titillation, judging by the corsets and some of the costumes with bare arms. Now, women are all of these things (well, maybe there aren’t that many drummer boys), but in 1902, they were still fantasies or extremely rare. To put it in perspective, my great-grandmother, Sissy, was born in 1901 and died in 2003. Her life as a woman in her 20s was very different to what mine is, today.

I love the expressions on their faces–playful, and proud. And they know they’re cute.

But I wonder how they felt, taking these photos.

All of the costumes can be found here. I have pasted my favourite below.


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