Some random tidbits:

Pantomime is on Goodreads! I am also now officially a Goodreads author, which is neat.

I’m in Publisher’s Marketplace, which is another one of those “woah,” moments, after spending so much time researching agents and such on there:

Laura Lam’s PANTOMIME, set in a magical and mysterious circus where a boy runs to forget his past, to Amanda Rutter at Strange Chemistry, in a two-book deal, for publication in Spring 2013, by Juliet Mushens at PFD (world English).

I also made one of those new-fangled Pinterest boards, for procrastination visual inspiration and research purposes for Pantomime and my WIP, if you’re curious. I’ll be adding to it as writer’s block inspiration strikes.

Okay, that’s enough self-promo for a bit. Back to my Random Research posts soon, promise!


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