An Update of Oddities and Sundries

Something new: I made a Facebook Page! Please head on over and like it if you feel so inclined. I’ve added a link to it in my sidebar as well.

Writing’s petered off the last few days after a strong start to the month. I’m blaming both the shockingly lovely weather and the fact that typing is mildly painful. A few days ago I sliced my finger. I also learned a useful fact: I really don’t like the sight of my own blood. I was fine for a few minutes, and then promptly collapsed into a chair. It was with a strange sense of detachment that I cataloged how all of my symptoms were cliches–rushing in ears? Check. Cold sweat? Check. Head swimming? Check. Shaky limbs? Check. Vision blacked out? Check. The cut is healing fine and it wasn’t that bad, but it made me grateful that I’ve been lucky enough  not to be severely hurt in my life. Also, I guess there goes my career as a surgeon or detective. Drat.

In writing news I’m just past the halfway point of the first draft in my WIP, and it feels pretty good. I wrote the first draft of Pantomime agonisingly slowly (15 months for 73k), and worried that I’d be slow with the second as well. I’m not as prolific as some people I know, but I’m steadily chipping away and mostly having fun. Here’s hoping I don’t jinx myself.

It looks like the sun has disappeared again in Scotland, so I expect I’ll get back into the pattern of my usual Vitamin D-deficient indoor life.


One thought on “An Update of Oddities and Sundries

  1. Loved your coincidence posts, but I felt compelled to thank you for your honesty on your WIP. I am at eleven months for mine, and the word count has clearly got out of hand, but I am down to the last three chapters (and a bit of Chapter 18 but we can ignore that). With so many people speaking about the speed at which they work, it can be a bit of a downer for a slow plotter working two hours a morning prior to heading off to work. So thanks again and good luck with Pantomime.

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