Strange Coincidences

In June, I want to run a short spotlight on the strange coincidences that appear in peoples’ lives.

Life is a crapshoot. Everything hinges on chains of events that could change with the smallest of factors. I play that game of “what if?” all the time. If my parents had gotten jobs in another town, my childhood friends would have all been completely different people. If I hadn’t haunted certain corners of the internet, I wouldn’t have met the man who’s now my husband and I wouldn’t be living 6,000 miles from where I was born. There were probably plenty of times where if I’d made a different choice or been a different person, I could be dead by now. It all seems like so much chaos.

But then in that chaos, there are little flashes of the strangest coincidences. Where something happens and you ask yourself “what were the odds of that?” Some are very small. For instance, my agent and I share a birthday (odds 1/365). But in other instances the odds seem astronomically smaller. And most people seem to have an interesting story or two of synchronicity.

I want to hear your stories. Do you have an anecdotes of strange coincidences? I’ll share a very short one.

I was very close with a girl in kindergarten–her name was Nicole, I think. She moved away and I didn’t know where, and then I moved away. The day before I started at the new school, I asked my mom if she thought Nicole would be there. My mom said, obviously, “um, probably not.” Who was in my class on my first day? Nicole. We didn’t end up being that close in the grand scheme of things, but still, what were the odds?

These coincidences are used all the time in fiction, but they happen in real life. So, if you have an anecdote of a strange coincidence, please drop me a line in the contact form on my website or get in touch via Twitter, email, or Facebook. I’ll put your stories up on here. You can be either anonymous or leave your name, URL, and Twitter, and I’ll link them on here.

How many spotlights I do depends, naturally, on how many stories I receive. I’m looking forward to hearing your strange coincidences.


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