Strange Coincidences: Brothers

The first post of synchronicity is from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I can’t disclose my name because it’s not fair to tell others about my brother’s condition without his permission, but this story is entirely true.

When I was nineteen my brother–seven years my elder–and I weren’t on great terms. He had a hard time not playing the role of parent and I sure as hell wasn’t going to take any crap. Needless to say, we seldom spoke to each other and I never picked up the phone to call him.

So, on a Sunday afternoon immediately after I’d returned from a canoe regatta, I walked into the house and called him. For no reason.

At the same time, his wife at the time picked up the phone tried to dial me and couldn’t get through. She had the operator do an emergency breakthrough and explained that my brother was having something like a heart attack and didn’t want her to call the ambulance.

It was actually an arrhythmia in which the heart can’t pace itself and goes crazy (over 200 beats a minute). I drove like mad to his house and loaded him in the back of the car. At the hospital the doctors shocked his heart back into rhythm and he needed to get a pacemaker.

It was scary. And weird. I still don’t pick up the phone to call my brother much. If I get the urge, however, I sure will. He is after all my brother, and there’s a connection there.”

Thank you for submitting your story, Anonymous.

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One thought on “Strange Coincidences: Brothers

  1. The funny thing is that if the author used a coincidence like this, the reader would think, hey, this guy would never call his brother. It would break the narrative spell because it strains credibility. But I believe!

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