Strange Coincidences: King’s Cross & Hot Fuzz

Today’s moments of synchronicity are brought to you by Nicky, a member of my in-person writing group, Write Club.

“I have had two moments in my life that gave me pause.

The first was about eight years ago. My ex Grant and I were staying in London with friends over Christmas/New Year. He travelled prior to the big day and his case was mistakenly half inched by an older lady with a penchant for florals and enough chocolate to start her own store.

When I travelled through the same airport, a few days later, I managed to pick up his luggage and took all three cases onto the train into London. When I left the train, I realised that I had left my smallest case on the train. I had put my hand luggage in the rack above my head and in the rush left it there.

Eventually, I got hold of the folks at lost luggage and had to travel to King Cross, a part of London I would never have visited otherwise, to pick it up. When I got off the tube, a voice hailed me. It was a friend of ours Amir, who we knew from Aberdeen but we had not heard anything from him for years and we didn’t even know he was in London.

This was my “sliding doors” moment, if Grant had not lost his luggage then I wouldn’t have put my luggage in that overhead rack and wouldn’t have had to go to Kings Cross to get it back.

The second time was Valentine’s day about five years ago. Hot Fuzz was out on that day and I really wanted to see it. So, myself and Grant tried to book tickets but it was sold out for all the screenings. So, we left to get some food and went back to see something else. I was standing in the queue when a lady came up to me and asked if we wanted to see Hot Fuzz. She had two tickets for the next showing, the same one we had tried to get tickets for earlier. She explained that she wasn’t feeling well and would we like to have the tickets. So, we ended up exactly where we wanted to be but it could have been so different.”

Do you have a strange coincidence story to tell? Send it to me via my contact form.


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