Strange Coincidences: The Lost Book

Today’s synchronicity comes from Darren Goldsmith. Darren left this comment on my post The Fervent Love of Books, and it started me thinking about strange coincidences.

“When I was a kid, I had to sell a load of my old books. It was heart-breaking. One, particularly, ‘Burning Chrome’ a collection of short stories by William Gibson, was really difficult to let go. The tales inside were a real eye-opener for me as a young teen… one of my first experiences with Cyberpunk. I loved the language, the tech, the concepts. Everything. I read and re-read it dozens of times.

I had written in it too – some comments about how amazing I thought sections of the stories were and my name, although for some reason I spelled it backwards: Nerrad. Probably thought that was cool, or something. I even created some flick-book style animations in a couple of the corners.

Years later I was browsing in a second-hand book shop, miles from my then home town and spied a dog-eared copy of Burning Chrome. I hadn’t read it in years so I picked it up. Guess what… it was *my* old book. There were the notes, the animations. And my name spelt backwards. In a heartbeat, I was transported back in time. A literary Proustian rush.

It’s back on my shelf now… and this time it’s staying.”

Do you have a strange coincidence anecdote to share? Send it to me via my contact form.


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