Strange Coincidences: Doctor Who Times Two

Today’s moment of synchronicity is from fellow Strange Chemistry author and Open Door veteran, Cassandra Rose Clarke. Her debut, The Assassin’s Curse, will be out in October. Let’s all take a moment to admire her cover, as it’s amazing:

And now, onto her tale:

“I teach freshman comp at a local community college. One day towards the end of the last semester, the professor who uses the classroom before me was running way past the end of his class time. He eventually stuck his head out and said, “We’re watching a video on British literature. It’s not quite over, but you can come in if you’d like.” I went in.

He was showing his class an episode of Dr. Who.

This isn’t the synchronicity part, although I do think it’s pretty funny.

But! Here is the synchronicity part. I listen to this Game of Thrones podcast called Boars, Gore, and Swords on my commute to work. Back when they were waiting for the second season to air, they had recorded a one-off episode on Dr. Who that I hadn’t listened to at the time. (It was about two or three months old at the point this story happened). That morning, I had stuck it on my iPod with the intention of listening to on my way home from work. By the time my classes were over, I’d pretty much forgotten about the previous instructor passing off Dr. Who as British literature.  I started listening to the podcast.

Their one-off Dr. Who podcast was over the same episode that the instructor had been showing his class.

I mean, this is a television show with what? Hundreds of episodes? To be fair, it was the first episode with Matt Smith as the doctor, so I supposed it was a fairly reasonable choice, but still. And the fact that the podcast was two months old and I just so happened to decide i would listen to it that day?  And it wasn’t even a podcast devoted to Dr. Who at all?

It was pretty weird.”

Do you have an anecdote of a strange coincidence? If so, send it to me via my contact form.


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