Search Term Bingo

I’ve gotten a couple of funny search terms for people asking Mother Google for answers to life, the universe, and everything. And then they find my blog, which probably doesn’t answer any of their questions.

I get a lot of the same ones over and over, most of which are fairly obvious. People searching for vintage circus things, or YA books I’ve reviewed or other things I’ve showcased on my random research posts. Every day people are searching for my agent, Juliet Mushens, etc. Sometimes people search for my name.

I decided to showcase some of the funnier ones.

drystan the white faced clown – This one I just don’t get. I have a character named Drystan, and he’s a white clown, but why would anyone search for him yet? Quite funny, and possible the result of a search spider or something. Similarly I have gotten drystan the white faced clown in books. Is there another white clown named Drystan I’m not aware of?

i just craped myself cat – Probably some meme I’m not aware of, but LOL all the same. Also, typo!

you are tricking me – Oh dear, am I? Frightfully sorry about that.

laura lam micah grey nude – Obviously one of my Twitter friends being strange!

elf male minstrel – sorry to disappoint, but I am neither an elf, male, nor a minstrel. More’s the pity. Neither am I a fairy elf league of legend.

robot owl – I’d quite like to have one of these. Naturally, I’d name it Hedwig.

laura lam lies down on broadway – Got this the other day, which sparked some witty banter on Twitter.

promiscuous kitten – You’ve come to the right place. Obviously.

how do i know if l am good sex – I dunno, man. Don’t ask me.

what did brian katcher want to be before he was a writter – I think the answer to that is librarian, because that’s the coolest job. Don’t think he’s a writter, though. 😉

stanley lam from edinburgh – Nope. Not me.

lora lam – Also not me.

lam watch movies and learn alsks built with taatnak – ORLY?

OK, so they’re not as WTFSTRANGE as some people’s, but they still make me chuckle. If you’ve a website, what are some of the stranger search terms you’ve gotten?

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