The London Mush-Up

A few weekends ago, I travelled down to Edinburgh to meet a friend, Dianna Potter, but I never got around to posting about it. But go here to see her lovely write-up of our weekend of walking about in drizzling rain and catching up: Lang May Yer Lum Reek.

This past weekend, I went down to London with my best friend, Erica Bretall, in tow. We went to visit my book sister, Kim Curran, whom I love to bits. On Friday evening, we gussied ourselves up and went into town to meet my wonderbar agent, Juliet Mushens, who had arranged The Great London Mush-Up of 2012 ™.

On the way to Peters Fraser & Dunlop, Kim took a silly photo of me posing with a giant mask seat. This is a bit of a hint about my cover, which I had as the backdrop of my phone but have blacked out for now. Little did I know this is the last day that phone would work–it was drenched by a cocktail later that evening.


Juliet then commenced to thoroughly spoil us. We had champagne in their office before we meandered to the restaurant where we ate delicious food and had some wonderful banter before going out for cocktails. Juliet even gave us all presents–I got Carter Beats the Devil, a biography of a prominent magician. She knows me well. I kept having to slyly pinch myself throughout the evening. It was just such a lovely evening, despite getting drenched in alcohol a time or two!

Some photos nabbed from Twitter:

Team Leopard Print
With Amy McCulloch

Definitely mushed

My favourite image of the night. Me and Kim!

Saturday and Sunday were chock-a-block sightseeing–the British Museum, and the British Library (where we saw the handwritten manuscripts of Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Yeah, it was amazing). We also went to the Wellcome Centre, which had the esoteric collection of the pharmacist, Wellcome. I ended up scribbling some notes for research. We were planning on going to Albert Hall for a show, but the thought of standing proved to be too much, so we opted for the wise choice of Thai food and The Fifth Element.

Afternoon Tea by the British Museum
At the British Library

Sunday we went on the London Eye, and the weather was glorious. At the top:

Afterwards, I went for brunch with Juliet and Kim and Erica went to the Globe Theatre. We then all wandered about the Tate Modern and then went to possibly my favourite place of the weekend–the Old Operating Theatre museum, in the attic of a church.

Operating Theatre

I miss everyone already! Hopefully this will be an annual event.

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