Birthday under the Big Top

It was my birthday on the 4th, and so Craig and I went to see the circus.

The last time I’d been to see the circus was during the summer of 2010 when the Chinese circus was in town. I took non-stop notes when I last went because I was about 1/3 of the way through the first draft of what would become Pantomime. Now, two years later, I was just about finished with the edits of that same book as I went to see the Dutch circus. It was a cool feeling.

I love seeing circuses from different countries. The Chinese circus was flashier, with painted dragons and more contortionists and unicycles and the like. The Netherlands’ circus featured double-Dutch, naturally, and was a bit more understated but no less skilled. They also had a live band above where the performers came out, which I thought a nice touch.

Some photos:

The Big Top in mist.
Yes, this is Scotland. In August.
That is my face.
The contortionist. Blur to the left is the arrow.
The Flying Aces! Urge to run away and join the circus as an aerialist: strong as ever.

It was a lovely birthday.


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