Ladies that Launch

This past weekend I went to London for two launches–the Strange Chemistry Launch at the British Library, and Kim Curran’s launch for Shift at a pub in Richmond.

It was an amazingly fun weekend, though also rather terrifying as I was giving my first reading of Pantomime to a roomful of strangers. This tinged Thursday with anxiety as I had a busy morning at work, travelled for five hours, got ready as quickly as humanly possible at Kim’s, downed a gin and tonic in nothing flat for a bit of Dutch courage, and then made my way to the launch. Amanda, my editor and the mother of Strange Chemistry, looked lovely in a floral dress. There were three SC authors there–Kim Curran, Jonathan Howard (guess he’s not a lady that launches), and me. There’s me reading to the left. I’m amazed at how happy and relaxed I look in that photo, considering my knees were shaking the whole time.

It was great to put faces to a few online names, such as Kaylie who interviewed me last week. I also met Sam Copeland, Kim’s agent and the agent who pointed me in the direction of Juliet, my now-agent, and agents Molly Ker Hawn and Jenny Savill.

Lou Morgan, Juliet Mushens & moi
Man as Machine

The next day we went to the Wellcome Centre and I saw an exhibit I’d been really keen to see–Superhuman. It detailed the ways humans have been striving to enhance themselves from ancient times to modern day and postulations to the future. There was a prosthetic toe from the Egyptian era and a plan of how near scientists feel we are to the singularity. It was both inspiring and really, really depressing. Humans are both extraordinary and terrible creatures.

Then in the evening was Kim Curran’s launch for Shift! It was really wonderful to see all her friends and family supporting her and I bought my signed copy of Shift. It was very relaxed. I met James Dawson, author of Hollow Pike, who was lovely, and met a few of Kim’s friends. I also met Kim’s good friend Miranda Dickinson, author of The Fairy Tale of New York and It Started with a Kiss, among others. To the left is Kim beaming as she signs her book.

Saturday was a day of lazing and then far too early on Sunday I was back in Aberdeen. Now it’s frantic packing and I’m off to Chicago and Worldcon! Hooray!


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