A Farewell to Pantomime

Today I had my first review of my book from someone I didn’t really know. It’s another milestone—and phew, it was a very lovely review! But it made me realise that my time of more or less controlling my readers is now at an end. Not everyone is going to leave a glowing review—and that’s perfectly fine. ARCs have gone out on their merry way. I have no idea who has them, unless they’ve tweeted me a photo. I’ll be on Netgalley in a few weeks. And in less than 4 months, anyone who wants to can get a hold of my book and start reading.

It’s something I’ve dreamed of, but it’s also a little strange. Obviously, I’ll get used to it, but it’s that initial disconnect. I spent so long on those words, that if you plucked out a quote I would be able to tell you what chapter it’s in. I’ve read it 20 or more times. It’s the first book I finished and submitted and soon it’ll be out in the world.

And it’s amazing!

It also feels like a farewell. I’m letting go. The book will now stand on its own. It will mean very different things to readers than it means to me. I’m done editing that book, and though I’ve flipped through my ARC, I’ll never be reading it again with the intent to change anything, unless I proof it one more time. Now, I’m focusing on the sequel, which I should finish the first draft of shortly. I’m also planning and poking at other books, books not set in Ellada or that star the same characters. Every book I write will be special to me, but Pantomime was my first love. I wrote it having absolutely no idea if it’d ever be published, where I had that innocence and burning, fierce hope that someone would like it enough to let it see the light of day.

So, off you go into the world, little Pantomime. Fly, me lovely!


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