New Blurbs & Reviews

Two amazing authors have endorsed Pantomime:

“With its cast of runaways, freaks and bullies, “Pantomime” blends Victorian circus glamour with grittier YA themes like identity, body image and independence. Entertaining and thought-provoking by turns, this is an assured debut by an exciting new fantasy author – Laura Lam is a name to watch!”
– Anne Lyle, author of The Alchemist of Souls

“Ancient myths, vintage tech and living wonders abound in the riotous carnival of fancy which is Pantomime. Lam paints her world with greasepaint and stardust while exploring the notion of the circus ‘freak’ with subtle brilliance. A spectacular and brave debut!”
– Kim Lakin-Smith, author of Cyber Circus

And some more of the reviews that have been trickling in the last few weeks:

Leo Elijah Cristea: “Pantomime is the kind of book I thought I’d never read because nobody would ever write it. It is a story about acceptance and belonging and about figuring out just who you are, who you can be, and just who you might be if you were only brave enough to take the first step . . . A complete and stellar success, effortlessly achieving all it set out to accomplish, Pantomime is the YA fantasy novel that will set the standard for all that follows in 2013, getting the year off to an excellent beginning. There is so much to say, so many observations and commentaries that should arise from reading Pantomime that it should be considered as most of the most important YA commentaries on identity and belonging written within the genre. It’s a bold statement, I suppose, but I hold to it: Pantomime is a work of art, a psychological adventure into exploring the self, and a damn fun read to boot.” (this review gets bonus points for making me cry!)

Elloise Hopkins for the The British Fantasy Society: “This is a well-crafted tale of secrets and dreams, written with a satisfyingly rhythmic prose that lends itself perfectly to the slow beauty and tragedy of the story, and is certainly the most in-depth character based fantasy to have been seen in a long while.”

Daphne @ Winged Reviews: “Pantomime at its heart is all about acceptance and making your own place in the world. My heart ached through the issues explored in this book, which Lam handled with finesse and respect. It really is a beautiful book to read and has set the bar very high for 2013 debuts indeed.”

Leanne @ Magic of Reading: “[Lam] hasn’t just written a book, she has a created a magical world, fascinating characters and broached subjects in this book that few have dared and she totally nailed it. Brilliant.”

Kaylie @ YA Bluewater: “It’s not often I get pulled into a world as completely as I did with the world of Ellada.”

Lucy @ The Library for Delinquents: “If any book could make you want to run away and join the circus, this one would be it . . . In Micah, the author has created a protagonist like none other I have come across in YA fiction. It really is the perfect escapism.”

Pablo @ The Eloquent Page: ” Once again I find myself more than pleasantly surprised by a young adult title from a debut author. In all honestly, I think everyone should be reading this. I’m a firm believer the best fiction is that which is thought provoking without even appearing to try. Laura Lam has not only achieved this most difficult of tasks, she has managed to make it look effortless. Even now, days after finishing the book I’m still think about it.”

I might have missed some, but I think that’s most of the reviews. Feel free to link to any I missed in the comments!


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