November Writing Wrap Up

So, I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, but I won my modified NaNo and surpassed it by 5k.

This month I:

1. Proofed Pantomime

2. Edited Pantomime2 and sent it to my agent

3. Wrote 35k of another book, plus did a fair amount of research and planning on it

4. Admin: answered 4.5 sets of interview questions, wrote a few blog posts, wrote a guest blog for Strange Chemistry, sent various emails about the Pantomime blog tour and launch

So, considering I work full-time and had three birthday parties, a book club, and I went to London over a weekend, I say that’s not a bad month’s work. Part of me still wishes I’d pushed on and done another 15k of the WIP, but I realised the draft was veering off track of what I wanted it to be, and not in a good way. I also know as I always do that quick drafting really doesn’t sit as well for me. It ends up making me nervous and makes writing less fun for me if I’m battling word counts and throwing stuff in just to make said words. I always try to be a hare only to re-enforce that I am a tortoise.

That said, I don’t feel that what I wrote was wasted. Though I’ll basically be starting the book over, I did discover some interesting ways to fit certain facets of the book together, and I have a better understanding of the characters. And though my current execution is rather terrible, I am still in love with the idea, so it was a useful exercise. But pushing through to 50k when I knew I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted wasn’t going to work. Maybe one day I’ll win. In 2010 I did an extremely modified NaNo and wrote 15k of Pantomime. In 2011 I wrote 30k of a trunked project to distract me while I waited to hear back from Strange Chemistry, and this year I wrote 35k.

November wore me out. Especially the week when I went from 13k to 30k. So in December I’ll be taking it a little easier. I’m letting the WIP idea percolate a bit by reading a bunch of fiction and non-fiction for research. At the end of December I’ll be going on a research trip as well, hooray! I’ll probably get agent revisions for Pantomime2 so I’ll at least formulate a game plan for those. I’ll write some notes on another potential book as well. So no drafting. Just a lot of thinking and dreaming.

Link salad:

I’m interviewed on the Random House Library blog

Three reviews:

Katharine @ Sentient Online: “Laura Lam has a wonderful way with words, and manages to capture circus life in a way that reveals both the beauty and the grim at once. While the dark backstories of nearly each and every character could be a little depressing, she somehow weaves hope within, as the characters are still making a future for themselves, or escape one way or another.”

Fauzy @ Wild Heart Book Reviews: “Overall I thought this was a gorgeous book, very different from anything I’ve ever read. Like, really, this book was SO unique, and it went where no other YA book I’ve read had ever gone before. I definitely recommend it, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. <3”

Jamie @ The Title Page: “I eagerly await the upcoming sequels and strongly urge new readers to take on this book. You’ll learn so much about yourself and open bits of your imagination that you never even knew you had. I applaud Laura Lam for such an amazing debut novel.”

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