Pantomime News

Been awhile since I did a general update of stuff, so here we go!

1. My launch at the London Forbidden Planet Megastore now has an event page. Please feel free to join if you wish to come or to invite friends and family you have in the area you think might wish to attend. Everyone is welcome, from all ages, and it’d be great to meet people who have read Pantomime, or who are interested in picking it up.

2. Oh mah gah I’m in a magazine! One of the members of my writing group who moved away to Glasgow was rifling through SciFiNow and came across my name! It’s a pretty balanced review of Pantomime. It was quite a weird experience to walk into a WHS at lunchtime and buy a copy (or three…) of the magazine. I also may or may not have been so excited that I showed the shopkeeper as she rang up my order.

3. Jessica at AllwaysUnmended posted a long examination of the themes in Pantomime, which was so fascinating for me to read as an author. Warning, there are some spoilers within, though they are clearly marked. The first half of the review does not have spoilers.

General writing updates:

In December, I focused a lot on publicity for Pantomime‘s blog tour, and I also wrote 3 first drafts of short stories, which are all set in Ellada. I don’t know what I’ll do with them, and all three of them need more work. But even if nothing comes of them, I had fun and learned a little bit more about another little boy from a noble family in Ellada, what lurks in the waters off the coast of Linde, and what happens to a group of miners after they discover a priceless Vestige artefact deep within the mines of Byssia.

I also went on a research trip to the Czech Republic and was thus able to finish my outline of another WIP and to edit the first 20k into something that makes more semblance of sense. I also outlined another book. And December was meant to be me taking it easy.

January will mainly be spent finishing up the guest posts and interviews for Pantomime‘s launch, trying not to freak out too much, and also switching gears back to editing Pantomime2. Whew.


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