Pantomime2: Shadowplay


The sequel to PANTOMIME has a title! The title is: SHADOWPLAY.

Here is a very brief placeholder cover blurb (full one to come later):

Micah has another juggling act to perform — he must help Maske, the once-great magician who shelters Micah and Drystan, at his last chance for redemption, escape those who pursue him, and find out how he and the new magician’s assistant Cyan are tied into the mysteries of ancient and modern Ellada.

SHADOWPLAY is on Goodreads, so please add it as to-be-read if you fancy. It will be out in the US/Canada January 2, 2014, and January 4 in the UK/Australia.


3 thoughts on “Pantomime2: Shadowplay

  1. Awesome title! Seeing the image you use above, it seems to me that what you mean by “Shadowplay” isn’t too different (though not completely similar) to what you originally wanted the title to be. Are you happy with it? 🙂

      1. Thanks, Jo! Yeah, I basically took the precursor to the original title. It went through loads of other potential titles too, some of which were quite silly. 🙂

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