Recent Events

I’ve done a couple of Pantomime events over the past few weeks.


On April 13th, I had a signing at Waterstones in Aberdeen at the Langstane Branch. It was a quiet day in the store but I still met a few strangers and sold some books. It was really wonderful to meet Lee, the manager, Pamela, the amazing bookseller who kept me company, and Dawn, a fellow Robin Hobb fan. There’s still leftover signed copies in that branch, and evidently last week Pantomime was their #1 title in store! Yay!

sjcpls_logo_initials_smOn April 18th, I Skyped a library in Florida, St. Johns, and spoke to a few teens for their teen coffeehouse night. It was a really nice, relaxed event. One teen even read me one of his poems and another showed me his artwork. The librarian, Alexandra, has been an online friend for years, so it was so cool to be able to talk to her face-to-face and have a glimpse of where she works.

If you’re interested in an event, such as a school or library visit, either in person or via Skype, please get in touch via my contact form on this website.

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