The Rainbow List and Recent Reads

Hello, all.


Recently, Pantomime was nominated for the ALA Rainbow List for 2014. Wonderful! Very honoured to be included.

Books read last month were very low. I had to finish editing Shadowplay, do loads of uni work, and I’m slowly but surely working through some beta reads for friends.

1. The Night Itself – Zoe Mariott. I won and advance reader copy of this. It was such good fun! Japanese myth let loose in modern day London.

2. Beauty – Robin McKinley. This was one of my favourite books as a child, so I re-read it. As an adult, I had some niggles with the pacing, but it was still a fun read and reminded me how much I needed this book as a bullied 11-year-old.

3. Poison – Sarah Pinborough. A clever spin on Snow White, with the queen being given a more multi-faceted approach. A pity Snow White and the Huntsmen wasn’t this good. My only niggle is that it ended on a more open note than I was anticipating.

4. Life After Life – Kate Atkinson. Damn her and her clever prose. It can make me weep with envy. This book is like an endless series of dreams, showing both the roads taken and not taken. Ursula Todd is many women, yet she is the same woman in all of them. So very clever.

I just have to hunker down for another week and a half, and then I’m going to throw myself back into my WIP and another few projects. Can’t wait!


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