Flabbergasted #23 and My Desk

As an addendum to the previous blog entry – evidently I’m number 23 in bestsellers in Glasgow airport! So each store has different numbering, which is one mystery solved. Very exciting! My gasts are still flabbered.

Last Thursday, the new desk I ordered finally arrived, and my valiant husband put it together since I’m useless. I tweeted a photo in excitement and fell into a conversation with Stephen Aryan, Jennifer Williams, and Lou Morgan about workspaces and how we love to be nosy and see where and how others work. Stephen already put up his post, so head on over!

So here are some higher quality photos of my desk, rather than the slightly blurry one I took with my phone last week.


Here’s the larger view. I’ll focus on the things you don’t see in the next photo. It’s against the fireplace because, well, we live in a tiny flat and this is the only spare wall in the front room. I drew the koi drawing myself, and below it is a Hokusai woodblock hand print from 1819 of Japanese magicians (which I still need to get framed properly at some point). The books on the top shelf are vintage books I bought at an antique shop that were the centerpieces at my wedding. The bottom two shelves are blank because quite often, my cats jump onto them. Next, from left to right we have some space copies of Pantomime and the ARC, topped with a lovely pantomime card my friend Kim Curran got me. Then there’s my husband’s uni workbooks, some candles and figurines and my dad made the “LOVE” sign back when he owned a sign business. Next to that are some spare notebooks and some nice tins that hold a variety of stuff.


And here’s a closer view. My Kindle in its green case, my Livescribe notebook, my laptop propped up on James Jean artwork print books and Taschen Magic and Circus books (research for Pantomime and Shadowplay). Another notebook is my mousepad (though I think I might buy this mousepad for extra nerd power). I always have tea or coffee to hand, a pen holder, sticky notes, and my phone. This is where I’ll be doing most of my writing from now on.

As a bonus, here’s a peek at my bookshelves, taken a few months ago as part of the Pantomime blog tour. This is the wall opposite the desk.


If you share your workspace on your blog, let me know at @LR_Lam on Twitter!


6 thoughts on “Flabbergasted #23 and My Desk

  1. That is so beautifully tidy. I’m envious… my desk is always piled with clutter. I’ve tried keeping it neat, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I work best surrounded by piles of notebooks and random lists. Far too messy to share, but although it looks like total chaos, it’s organised chaos! I always know where everything is, and every scrap of paper serves a purpose. Honestly.

    Still, it’d be nice to actually see the surface of the desk once in a while.

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