Recent Roundup

A few weeks ago I went to Glen Coe with Elizabeth May, who took this gorgeous photo:


It was so warm I was wearing shorts, which RARELY happens in Scotland!

Last weekend I was in London to celebrate the launch of Kim Curran’s Control and Bryony Pearce’s The Weight of Souls. There’s a great summary of the launch party on the Strange Chemistry website.

The rest of the weekend was lazily hanging around with Kim. We went to see Now You See Me, which we thought was brilliant good fun. A heist movie with stage magic? It’s like it was made for us. But don’t watch the trailers for it, as they’re a little spoilery.


Also, on the way back from Gatwick, I saw Pantomime in the North Terminal! That was amazingly exciting, especially as they had 11 copies!



The cover image for Shadowplay is done, so hopefully it’ll be able to be unveiled soon! All I can say about it now is that I’m really pleased with it and Tom Bagshaw is so talented. If you’re a blogger and would like to be involved in a cover reveal when it goes live, feel free to drop me a line via the Contact page with the subject “Cover Reveal.”

Over on Bookshelves of Doom, I talk about 10 books that shaped Pantomime.

Over on Shadowhawk’s Shade, I have a guest post called the Nature of Names, where I discuss how I choose names for my characters, often based on name meanings.

I got my first review in a language other than English! It’s in French, which I studied for six years, so I was quite proud I could puzzle most of it out, and it’s a lovely wee review.


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