Inverness Book Festival


Cheesily pointing at my name!

On Tuesday, August 6th, I took the train up to Inverness for my first Book Festival appearance at Eden Court. The festival is on until Saturday, so here’s the website with the programme if you know anyone in the area. It’s run in part by Sandstone Press, who are in a way book cousins with Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, as they’re both distributed by Faber and Faber in the UK.

Before the event, I met the chair of the panel, Kelsey Moore, who is another displaced American who has moved to Scotland. She works for the Moniack Mohr creative writing centre, which is located not far from Inverness. It seems like a wonderful writing centre in a gorgeous setting that runs programmes most of the year, some which are Arvon and some which are not. Kelsey was an excellent chair and really helped put my nerves at ease.

Unfortunately this was the only photo Craig took, where I am stretching!
Unfortunately this was the only photo Craig took, where I am stretching!

The audience at the even was small but enthusiastic, asking excellent questions about Pantomime, my writing process, and the world-building. We touched on the subjects of being an outsider, the role of technology in Ellada, the importance of names, and the melding of different genres. Afterwards there was a brief signing and one girl even asked to take a photograph with me, which was very sweet! 

I got to meet one of my online writing friends, Emma Maree Urquhart, which was lovely! We chatted away and all too soon she had to catch the bus home, but I’ll see her again at World Fantasy Con.

The rest of the time was relaxing in Inverness, which was lovely even if it was raining heavily most of the time. It was a nice wee break in the Highlands.


A huge thank you to everyone at Eden Court & Sandstone Press for arranging the event and being so welcoming.


One thought on “Inverness Book Festival

  1. It was so great to meet you! End-of-October really can’t get here fast enough. 😀

    Moniack Mhor is a beautiful looking writing retreat. A visit there is definitely on my bucket list!

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