Books Read in September & Recent Links

Books read:

last-days1. Last Days – Adam Nevill. A suspenseful mystery/thriller featuring a documentary filmmaker being hired to look into a mysterious cult called the Last Days. It was very well-written and incredible atmospheric, but I found the ending too ambiguous. Definitely worth a read, though, and I’ll probably pick up more of Nevill’s books, especially as we get closer to Halloween!

2. Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare. When I was editing Shadowplay I needed something light and fun in the evenings, and this fit the bill.

3. Clockwork Princess – Cassandra Clare. More distraction from edits. I enjoyed this series more than the modern one, as I liked the blend of Victorian London and Shadowhunters. I also liked Tessa Gray as a character more than Clary. Don’t understand why everyone was so angry about the ending – I thought it fit well.

outlander4. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon. Sort of book research, but mostly fun. I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected to. Excellently-researched and well-written, and I found the relationship between Jamie and Claire organic and interesting. Will continue the series.

I’m also halfway through the audiobook of The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, but that’ll have to wait until next month’s roundup.

Recent Links:

For Banned Books Week, I wrote a blog post on E. Kristin Anderson’s website about how Pantomime hasn’t been banned, but it’s been unintentionally censored.

For the launch of Elizabeth May’s book the Falconer, I interviewed her on the Author Allsorts blog! She also came up to visit me last weekend so we celebrated with muffins and cocktails. Yay for The Falconer! You should go buy it.


There’s been a few nice reviews of Pantomime floating around I’ve seen.

Anna Scott says it’s “as with any book that I adore, it’s the writing and the characters that are pretty much perfect here. The stories and journeys of Micah and Gene are moving, intriguing, passionate, teaming with sexual tension and heartbreaking in the best and worst possible ways. . . So put aside your life for a bit and get taken over.”

YAstands says: “Pantomime isn’t trying to be the next big thing. It’s not trying to be anything. Laura Lam thought of a strange, fantastical story and wrote it down with little regard for the genre’s go-to tropes. That’s what makes Pantomime a unique creation.”

Bisexual books: “The word bisexual is never used but it’s still a positive non-monosexual portrayal nonetheless.  I hope the author will follow up on that in further books, as that the ambiguous ending leaves me aching for the sequel,Shadowplay which comes out in January.”

Lastly, Pantomime’s still on sale for ebook!


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