Recent Links

A few links from the past week or so.

Pantomime links:

Nina at Death, Books & Tea had a few posts in her Rainbow Reads blog event for Pantomime:  An Author Interview with Me and two wonderful open letters to Pantomime from Leo Cristea and Lisa of Over the Effing Rainbow. Check out the other features in the event, which looks at bisexuality and asexuality, two orientations that are often glossed over in QUILTBAG YA.

Malinda Lo did an amazing post on 2013 LGBT YA by the numbers. It was really interesting to see this because I remember reading her blog post in 2011 and being quite disheartened that there were so few young adult books with GLBT characters. In 2013 Pantomime is listed and it’s the only one in the intersex section. Pantomime is also mentioned in Malinda’s post about GLBT YA in SFF. Malinda Lo & Cindy Pon also mentioned Pantomime as a recommended read on Zooey Deschanel’s site, HelloGiggles in a great interview about Diversity in YA.

The Book Club Forum has a YA Month and me and other YA authors will be active answering questions throughout October.

Lastly, Pantomime’s entry for the NE Teen Book Award shortlist is up on their website, yay!

Other interesting things I stumbled upon this week:

James Dawson has a great beginner’s guide to author visits on his blog.

Here’s a great essay on Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam trilogy on io9.

Kameron Hurley on The Blog Post That Lost me Half my Audience.

Scott Lynch on The Right Way to Buy my Books is Your Way (my way was buying Republic of Thieves on Kindle! Can’t wait to read it)

Did you know Robin Hobb is officially writing more Fitz & Fool books? A whole new trilogy? First of which will be out in August of next year? YAY!


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