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yalsaPantomime has been nominated for the American Library Association YALSA 2014 Popular Paperbacks list in the Books with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer-questioning, Intersex, Asexual individuals, and their Allies Category! Very cool and honoured to be included.

I’m interviewed by Malinda Lo on her blog for her awesome YA Pride event.

There’s a short interview and a giveaway for a copy of Pantomime at Books for YA.

I’ve been updating my website and have added some discussion questions and sample assignment prompts for teachers, librarians, book groups, or what have you. Spoilers, of course! I’ve also added a Works Consulted/Resources list to round up some of my research for Pantomime & Shadowplay.

Around the web:

If you are a comics writer, there’s a queer sci fi/fantasy comics anthology now taking submissions.

Here’s some 1910 postcards that predicted the future of year 2000.

Did you know Marmosets have conversations that sound strikingly human? Or that they have discovered a purring primate in the Amazon?

Michael J. Sullivan on When it Comes to Publishing it Pays to Think Outside of the Box.


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