Intersex Awareness Day

intersexawarenessdayOctober 26th is Intersex Awareness Day.

Intersex children are more common than you would think. Children often face surgeries before they are old enough to consent or before they are aware of their own gender identity. These surgeries can leave intersex children barren or essentially castrated, and may have to face further surgeries due to complications. Please take a minute to learn more about what it means to be intersex. Knowledge and acceptance are important to celebrate genital diversity.

After researching intersex issues for the main character of Pantomime, it’s become a cause near and dear to me and I consider myself an ally, and I hope that we continue to make strides to help raise awareness against stigma and unwanted and unnecessary surgery on children.

Intersex Awareness Day Wikipedia article.

Recently, the Federal US Court ruled that sex assignment surgery on children could violate the Constitution.

A post on GLAAD from the Executive Director of Advocates for Informed Choice, which “uses innovative legal strategies to advocate for the civil rights of children born with variations of reproductive or sexual anatomy.”

An excellent interview with intersex activist Mani Mitchell on Micro Rainbow.

Consider donating to Advocates for Informed Choice, the Interface Project, or the many other wonderful QUILTBAG causes out there that do such useful and vital work.

Any other links you are aware of? Please put them in the comments. I also have a list of organisations and some other resources on my Works Consulted/Resources page.



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