A Farewell to Shadowplay


Today’s a weird day. I woke up to find out Pantomime (and many other great books) has been nominated for a Cybils award.

Now, Shadowplay is now officially on Netgalley. I think I’ll only be up for a month or so, so if you’re a reviewer, grab it sooner rather than later.

This means that the book is now out of my hands and into reviewers, and soon it’ll be available to anyone who wants it. It’s a frightening, bittersweet time.

To celebrate, I’ve updated my Goodreads review of Shadowplay, with some pictures that hint at the interior of the sequel to Pantomime.

I’ve also PDFed the first chapter, and you can read it here to whet your appetite.

For every book, I’ve decided that when it gets to around this point in the publication project, I’ll write it a farewell. I did this with Pantomime last year.

magiciandoveShadowplay is a very different book to the first one, and writing it was a different process. Pantomime was the first book I ever completed, and I was very much learning as I went. I had to do a huge structural edit. I wrote the first draft to my sophmore book, Shadowplay, much quicker (I blogged about that here). While Shadowplay changed in edits, it never needed the same overhaul the first one did. Some people say the second book can be the most difficult. For me, it wasn’t near as challenging as the third book I’m writing (which is non-Micah related). I re-started it so many times and at the moment it’s on hold while I write my fourth book (also not Micah-related).

It was a pleasure to write Shadowplay. Of course, I ripped out my hair and moaned and whinged plenty and maybe now I’m looking back with rose-tinted glasses because it’s done, but overall, it was a relief to step back into Micah’s shoes and bring him on more adventures. He grows in this book, and I grew too. Certain parts completely took me by surprise, and the finished book is rather different than I initially thought it would be.

I’m no less scared, setting this book out into the world. I mean, this time I do know there were people who enjoyed the first one, but now I’m afraid of letting them down. Now I have pre-conceived expectations to contend with. There will be people who love the first book and hate the second, and there will be people who liked the sequel better than the first. There will be people who just can’t be bothered picking it up and following the series anymore. I have no control over any of it.

All I can do is sit back, let go, and say farewell to Shadowplay.

Fly, little book. I hope you land in the hands of people who will love you as much as I do.



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