Books Read in October

1. Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell. Can definitely understand the hype. I read it in a day and it made me smile. Reminded a lot of my teenage awkward romance and falling in love. Very sweet.

saga22. Saga, Volume 2 – Brian K. Vaughan. This is an amazing series. I’m so impatient for volume 3!

3. Locke & Key Volume 5 – Joe Hill. Another amazing series. That ends of a cliffhanger. Noooo!

4-6. Rachel Rising, Volumes 1-3 – Terry Moore. I read this on Steve Aryan’s recommendation, and it didn’t disappoint. A creepy, small town atmosphere with witches, magic, and people who just won’t stay dead. A little Twin Peak-y.

7. The Year of the Flood – Margaret Atwood. I listened to this one on audiobook. As ever, an excellent read of a near-future gone horribly wrong. Split between three narratives, all engaging. I have a signed copy of this from when I saw Atwood speak in Aberdeen a few years ago, and I remember someone asking why she set it partly in a spa. “Well,” she said. “If I had to spend the post-apocalypse somewhere, a spa seems a good enough place. It has fluffy pink towels.”

8. Fables, Volume 1 – Bill Willigham. I decided to start the series over again and catch up, as I’m about 6 volumes behind.

Lots of graphic novels this month, as I got a new tablet so I can read them properly! My old one broke and was an awkward size. I find them extra freeing to read when I’m in the midst of drafting novels as it’s a different medium.


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