Free Fiction Friday: Poem: “I Just Confessed I Love You”

Craig first insulted my taste in books on the internet on Black Friday, 2003. It’s weird to know that I’ve known him for ten years now, and to think about how much we changed from those 15 and 16 year olds we were when we met.

So here’s a sort of love poem. I don’t normally go for mushy ones, so this is about how petrified I felt after I told Craig I loved him. A bit personal, but then again, isn’t most writing?


I Just Confessed “I Love You”
Laura Lam

The words were there.
I had sent them,
pixels forever in cyberspace.
I stared at them and began
to supernova.

My hair was a red-gold corona,
my skin sloughed and shed,

floating away in delicate, translucent nebulae
of red, green, and purple.
My veins unfurled into the arms
of the Milky Way,
blood trickled
into stars.

I’ve stripped myself farther
than to the bone. You can see
the black hole at the center.
A single, infinite point.

If you enjoyed this poem, please consider purchasing my full-length work, Pantomime & forthcoming Shadowplay.

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