Shadowplay Teaser 1: The Magician

Up to and a little bit after release, I’ll be sharing the opening quotes of Shadowplay’s chapters as teasers. They give a little background info, but hopefully don’t give away any of the plot. I won’t explain them – the chapters they precede will do that well-enough in January, I hope 🙂 There are 30 in all.


1. The Magician

“I know I have created magic to rival the greatest anyone has ever known. What I do not know is whether the price of the gamble was worth it.”

– The unpublished memoirs of Jasper Maske: The Maske of Magic

You can also read the rest of the first chapter here.

Interested in more? Shadowplay, the sequel to Pantomime, will be released January 7, 2014.

Pre-order links:

UK: Amazon – The Book Depository – Hive
US: Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Indiebound – Powell’s
Canada: Amazon – Indigo
Australia: BookAdda
NZ: Fishpond


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