Free Fiction Friday: Sonnet: “My Love, a Glittering Vampire”

This was the first sonnet I wrote at university (and to date I’ve written the grand total of…two!). I decided to take the form, which can be quite formal (whoo iambic pentameter!), and poke a little fun at Twilight. I think it worked all right, and it got a few chuckles when I shared it with the class in 2008 (can’t believe I wrote this 5 years ago. My life is speeding up).


“My Love, a Glittering Vampire”
A Gentle Satire of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight
Laura Lam

Of marble, or the gilded monuments,*
his body is that of a statue, such as
the forgotten Adonis. His eyes, warm topaz,
gaze with intensity as he scents
my warm blood. How we wishes he could rend
the delicate skin of my neck. O, Edward,
how you fear you will slip, with me murdered
from your thirst. But how I wish our blood could blend!
Then you would never need to watch me sleep.
I could live forever, so that one day
it will not be so strange that you were born a century
before me. If you leave me, I will weep
and become a zombie, the wrong creature. Allay
my fears. How many books until you bite me?

*The slightly reworded first line of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55

If you enjoyed this poem, please consider purchasing my full-length work, Pantomime & forthcoming Shadowplay. Thank you for reading.

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