The Shadowplay Blog Tour


The Shadowplay Blog Tour begins today, December 20, and runs until around January 12th. Last year I had 39 stops, which was a bit overwhelming, so this year I’m down to 23. Below are the places I will be appearing, and I’ll come back and edit as the posts go live.

Pantomime‘s Blog Tour round-up is here, if you’d like to go back in time and visit the posts I wrote nearly a year ago.

Here we go:

Some earlier posts:
11th December: 12 Days of Christmas Interview: Nicky Peacock
17th December: Winter Holidays in Ellada: Strange Chemistry/Angry Robot/Exhibit A

20th December: The Grey of Gender: Uncorked Thoughts
21st December: Making the Magic in Shadowplay: Curiosity Killed the Bookworm
22nd December: Interview: Rachel Monte
23rd December: The Micah Grey Series and Slipping Through Society: Catherine Lundoff
27th December: Interview: Winged Reviews
28th December: The Post-Publication Roller Coaster: A Fantastical Librarian
29th December: Interview: It was Lovely Reading You
30th December: Diversity in Pantomime & Shadowplay: Readaraptor
31st December: 5 Favourite YA Fantasy Novels: Book Fairy Haven
2nd January: Shadow Plays and Shadowplay: Lost in Thought
3rd January: Magicians in Ellada: YA Yeah Yeah
4th January: Interview: Author Allsorts
5th January: 10 Magic Books: Bookshelves of Doom
6th January: Fitting Writing into the Rest of my LifeAuthor Allsorts
6th January: 5 Things I Learned Writing Pantomime & Shadowplay: Diversity in YA
7th January: My Favorite Bit: Mary Robinette Kowal
7th January: Exclusive Extract on
8th January: Interview: My Bookish Ways
9th January: From the Circus Tent to the Magician’s Stage – On Changing Settings: Feeling Fictional
10th January: 10 Questions on Shadowplay: Terrible Minds
11th January: A Brief History of Ellada and its Colonies by Professor Caed Cedar: YA-Sisterhood

Additionally, I’ll be putting up 10 Shadowplay teasers on my blog in total.

Early Shadowplay reviews:

Lisa @ Over the Effing Rainbow: “You know those times when you read a book that leaves you wishing so sincerely that you’d been able to read it when you were a kid, or in your teens? That feeling might be a little bittersweet, but let’s focus on the sweet, because honestly – I wish I’d had this (and Pantomime) to read fifteen years ago.”

Leo @ Jet Black Ink: “In short: Lam is a genius, she writes beautifully and everything about this book was a complete and absolute pleasure. If you loved the circus, you’ll fall in love with the complex and fascinating world behind the stage of Shadowplay and the Kymri theatre Micah now calls home.”

Ellie @ Curiosity Killed the Bookworm: “Parts of Shadowplay reminded me of The Prestige, with old style illusionists gripped in an ancient grudge. I loved the atmosphere of the theatre and the images conjured up by their performances.”

Lyndsey @ Page After Page: “Not only do we have a dual between Maske and his rival magician but the new characters shed light into the world that Lam has created. Lam also tackles issues such as sexuality, politics and discrimination and they are all written about wonderfully. The plot is incredibly unique and one that had me hooked. I couldn’t stop reading this book and now that I’ve finished it, I want even more.”

Richa @ City of Books: “This series is a must-read for all fantasy lovers. I literally couldn’t put this one down! Shadowplay is captivating and enticing, with the most complex characters you’ll ever come across. I loved every bit of this, and I’m now impatiently waiting for the next installment.”

Nina @ Death Books & Tea: “Shadowplay, plotwise, is very different to  Pantomime. We learn a few things about Micah that you really don’t expect.”

Sam @ River & Sam: “Lam once again gives readers a wonderfully woven, extensively smart novel that handles topics of sexuality, discrimination and transition with such ease. It’s so easy to fall in love with her characters and follow their lives [. . .] I loved Shadowplay as much as I loved Pantomime, if not more, and I look forward to seeing where Micah’s adventure lead him.”

Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts: “I really enjoyed Laura’s first book but this one blasted it straight out of the water. It’s in this book that I fully fell in love with Micah and Drystan, Cyan and Maske. I feel like I’ve left some best friends behind in the pages of Shadowplay.”

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