2014 Resolutions


I like resolutions well enough, even if often I don’t stick to them. But here’s what I’m planning for next year:


1. Finish editing Bonkers Book and send to my agent by March.
2. Finish one of my two other WIPs, though which one depends on certain factors I’m waiting to hear about. (I hate waiting).
3. Finish my Ellada short stories and perhaps self-publish them in summer.
4. Apply for a couple of things that would be really awesome. *cagey*


1. Bump up the exercise. I’ve been good at exercising more consistently in 2013, but I want to do it more often and push myself more.
2. Eat better. As ever – I get into a good habit for awhile and then it all falls apart. My mood is so much better when I’m eating healthy food, though. I can’t be too stringent, or I take it too far, but I’d like my usual habit to be good food, with the odd splurge when out with friends.
3. Sleep less. I’m a chronic oversleeper and I hate it. I really want to train myself to get up early as I’m productive in the mornings.
4. Freak out less. Yeah, this probably won’t happen, but it’s worth trying. My anxiety has been more manageable in 2013 than 2012, but there’s room for improvement.
5. Be off the internet/computer more in the evenings. I spend far too much of my life looking at a screen, between the day job, the writing, and watching TV. I should spend more time doing things in the real world.


1. Read at least 80 books. No other stipulations – I can read whatever genre I want, re-read, what have you.


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