Books Read in December (plus a 2013 roundup)

And so 2013 is gone. Here’s what I read in its last month:

1. Fables Vol 7: Arabian Nights – Bill Willingham

2. Fables Vol 8: Wolves – Bill Willingham

3. Fables Vol 9: Sons of Empire – Bill Willingham

mapping the mind4. Mapping the Mind – Rita Carter. I really recommend this book if you have an interest in neuroscience. Engagingly written and understandable to people with a limited scientific background. The human mind is an extraordinary thing.

5. Dragonfly in Amber – Diana Gabaldon. A strong follow up to the first book. At some point I’ll continue the series.

6. Fables Vol 10: The Good Prince – Bill Willingham

7. Fables Vol 11: War and Pieces – Bill Willingham

8. Fables Vol 12: The Dark Ages – Bill Willingham

9. Fables Vol 13: The Great Fables Crossover – Bill Willingham. Obviously I’m continuing my Fables re-read, though now I’ve reached the part of the series I haven’t read before. This volume crosses over with Unwritten (which I’ve read) and Jack of Fables (which I’m behind on)

10. About a Boy – Nick Hornby. As cute as the film.

conjoinedtwins11. Conjoined Twins: An Historical, Biological and Ethical Issues Encyclopedia – Christine Quigley. Research book – another very good one. I’ve had consistently good luck with non-fiction this year.

12. The Elites – Natasha Ngan. An engaging dystopia in Neo-Babel, starring a girl who discovers that everything she’s been lead to believe is a lie.

13. The Ghost of the Citadel (part 1 of The Copper Promise) – Jen Williams. Jen is a Team Mushens agency sister. I really enjoyed the first bit and love the idea in general of serialised e-fiction. Part 2 is out imminently, so I’ll pick that up too.

Totals for 2013:

82 books
26,078 pages (according to Goodreads), which is about 71 pages a day. But it’s probably less as I think Goodreads accounts for all of the pages, even if it’s copyright info, etc.

I started doing some OCD analytics to figure out how many YA versus fantasy versus nonfiction etc I read, but…I can’t really be bothered, and to be honest I don’t think anyone really cares! Goodreads does have a neat little pie chart, though:

Here’s the previous months’ recaps:

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As a bonus, when looking through really old photos on my mom’s computer, I found my TBR list from 2004…ah, before Goodreads! I’ve read quite a number of these by now.


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