Books Read in January

1. Acid – Emma Pass. One of the Author Allsorts and a fellow shortlister on the NE Teen Book Award. I really enjoyed this fast-paced near-future dystopia, and Jenna’s various identities.

dragonkeeper2. The Dragon Keeper – Robin Hobb. A re-read for the first time since 2009. Nice to be back among Thymara, Alise, Sedric, and the dragons.

3. The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey – An audiobook listen. I’m afraid in many respects it wasn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t connect with the characters, though I found the worldbuilding interesting.

4. Dragon Haven – Robin Hobb. Another re-read, this time from 2010. The continued adventures of the dragons and their keepers up the river to the mythical Elderling city, Kelsingra. I love losing myself in Hobb’s words, and how effortlessly she weaves various viewpoints.

5. Fables Vol 14 – Witches – Bill Willingham. I love Frau Totenkinder.

6. In the Shadows of Blackbirds – Cat Winters. This was on the Morris list, and I can see why. A very accomplished debut with incredible writing and a great atmosphere. Was sad to see it end, but glad Cat’s writing an adult book set during the same time period.

7. Fables Vol 15 – Rose Red – Bill Willingham. The story continues.

cityofdragons8. City of Dragons – Robin Hobb. I’d not read this one before yet, as I wanted to wait until the whole series was out and then it slipped past in all the bajillion other books to read. I loved learning more about Kelsingra. There was even a scene that eerily reminded me slightly of the Chimaera Dance scene in Pantomime.

I also beta read one short story and 1.5 manuscripts for friends.

I set a goal of 80 books, so I’m already 10% through it. Currently listening to Mockingbird on audio and reading Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb.


2 thoughts on “Books Read in January

  1. Mockingbird by Walter Tevis? Or the other one by umm Katherine something? I read the Tevis one last year and it really really really impressed me. Happy reading. 🙂

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