My Scribblings so far in 2014: Second Update


And so the year is already 1/3 over – how did that happen?

I’m still keeping track of what writing work I’m doing every day, and it’s still proving to be very motivating. At the moment, none of my projects are under contract or deadline, but by keeping track and giving myself my own deadlines, I’m making strides in the things I want to get done this year.

So, since the beginning of the year:

Total words: 106,700 words
Fiction: 84,800 words
The rest: this blog and guest posts

Projects in March & April:

Edited Bonkers Book again (smaller line edit rather than the big structural one I did earlier in the year)
Edited a short story called “The Mechanical Minotaur.” I was going to put it up this summer with the rest of my Vestigial Tales, but now it has loads of Pantomime3 spoilers so it’ll have to go up next year instead.
Drafted and edited a novella starring Cyan from Shadowplay called “The Tarot Reader.” Currently out with betas.
Researched and tentatively started my Cranky Ladies story about Jeanne de Clisson, the Lioness of Brittany. Only about 1k in so far.
Wrote about 15k of a project code-named Beloved Book. You can probably guess what book this is.

The start of April I was super productive, but then after Eastercon work has tailed off. I think my brain needs a bit of a break, and I’m waiting on a few things. Gearing myself to get back into productivity soon.

Aim for the next two months:

Finish the Cranky Ladies story.
Edit my Drystan novella, “The Card Sharp,” and get it out to betas.
Integrate “The Tarot Reader” beta comments.
Make more progress on Beloved Book.
Get the first Vestigial Tale, “The Shake Charm,” out into the world.


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