Ten Snaps: The Isle of Skye

Last week, I went to the Isle of Skye with Kim Curran and Amy Alward for a writing retreat. And, unexpectedly, the photographer JB Knibbs, due to a fortunate communication mishap. After getting over the surprise of someone already being at the house, and her expected solitude interrupted, we all got along brilliantly.

We wrote some words, we did some adventuring (rain or shine–mostly rain, except for the one day we tried to go for a walk and didn’t even make it to the gate due to horizontal rain-hail in the face). We ate scones and drank mulled cider. It was an excellent trip in a beautiful corner of the world.

And now the ten snaps:

On the way to Skye
skye02 - Copy
Eilean Donan Castle
Bank of Scotland in Gaelic
Scones! The top one is shaped like a cat
The Quaraing in Skye
Cow crossing!
Amy Alward traipsing through the Fairy Glen
The Fairy Glen
Mulled cider
The Fairy Pools

For more photos, follow me on Instagram. In addition to travel snaps, I also post photos of cats, food, bookish things, and things I see while walking about.



3 thoughts on “Ten Snaps: The Isle of Skye

  1. Great pictures! The Quaraing and the Fairy pools look, and sound, like something from an epic fantasy novel. The mulled cider and scones sound like a perfect writing accompaniment

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