When Words Leave Off, Music Begins

I wrote a little bit about the songs that remind me of False Hearts for Author Allsorts last week. Fancy some songs about murder and criminals this Monday morning?


“When words leave off, music begins.” – Heinrich Heine

I often listen to music as I write. I go to cafes a lot. Sometimes the thrum of background noise and whatever jazzy music they play is fine, but other times it’s distracting–so in go the earplugs.

Like a lot of writers, sometimes words with lyrics can be horribly distracting for me. Not always, but usually. Too much of my mind wants to focus on the lyrics, or sing along if it’s a favourite. So, usually during drafting or editing sessions, I just choose one of the “focus” playlists on Spotify. I’m currently listening to one called “Musik Produkt.”

But like Helen’s post earlier in the week, I find music outside the actual act of writing very inspiring as well. I collect playlists of songs that remind me of various books, and listen to them if I’m just browsing online, or cleaning…

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