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Short Stories:

For the short stories/novellas set in the same world as the Micah Grey series, see the Vestigial Tales page.

“The Lioness,” in Cranky Ladies of History, from Fablecroft Publishing (2015).
They Swim Through Sunset Seas,” in Solaris Rising 3, from Solaris Books (2014).
Palimpsest,” published on the blog 6 December 2013. A short story featuring Puck, a serial killer who kills based on name meanings. Also on Wattpad.
Pseudonym,” published on the blog 22 November 2013. Another Puck short story, and the first short story I wrote for my university creative writing classes. Also on Wattpad.
The Ghost of Gold and Grey,” published on the blog 27 October 2013. A short story written for Halloween, about a ghost in a Scottish castle in 1906. Also on Wattpad.

Flash Fiction:

Safe Haven,” published on the blog 24 January 2014. A flash fiction piece about a woman who has to leave her child under a Safe Haven placard.
Lad,” published on The List Magazine 13 December 2013. A one sentence prose poem about life as a Scottish ned.


Hide, Empty, Lose,” published on the blog 28 May 2014. A sestina about anorexia. Content note: eating disorders.
My Love, a Glittering Vampire,” published on the blog 20 December 2013. A sonnet making gentle fun of Twilight.
I Just Confessed I Love You,” published on the blog 29 November 2013. One of my infrequent love poems.
Caesura,” published on the blog 15 November 2013. Originally published in Occam’s Razor vol 27, 2009. My shortest poem.
Baby Steps,” published on The Moulin Review July 25, 2010. A poem about my first memory.

One thought on “Short Stories & Poetry

  1. Exciting stuff, fascinated to discover your writing, and looking forward to reading all. Good luck with it all.. from James, Ian & Kate!

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