Before I Wrote…I Drew

I was procrastinating on all the various things I should do and poking around what my FB page looks like to the public again. It’s sort of fun doing that because the only content that is visible is stuff from around 2007, so it’s like I step back in time. This time I found a link to a bunch of my artwork I had photographed and put up in a contest. They didn’t win. What’s sort of strange though is that some of the motifs I drew are now in my fiction.

I used to draw quite often. I found it soothing, and the intricate ones were especially good for my anxiety. I’d listen to music full blast and draw away, my mind wandering, feeling calm. Even if the pieces look anything other than calm.

When I have more time (if I ever have more time), I’d like to get back into art with ink and graphite instead of just art with the printed word.

There are more below the cut (warning: there’s one drawing of a nude woman):

36_13291312 37_84875087

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