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yalsaPantomime has been nominated for the American Library Association YALSA 2014 Popular Paperbacks list in the Books with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer-questioning, Intersex, Asexual individuals, and their Allies Category! Very cool and honoured to be included.

I’m interviewed by Malinda Lo on her blog for her awesome YA Pride event.

There’s a short interview and a giveaway for a copy of Pantomime at Books for YA.

I’ve been updating my website and have added some discussion questions and sample assignment prompts for teachers, librarians, book groups, or what have you. Spoilers, of course! I’ve also added a Works Consulted/Resources list to round up some of my research for Pantomime & Shadowplay.

Around the web:

If you are a comics writer, there’s a queer sci fi/fantasy comics anthology now taking submissions.

Here’s some 1910 postcards that predicted the future of year 2000.

Did you know Marmosets have conversations that sound strikingly human? Or that they have discovered a purring primate in the Amazon?

Michael J. Sullivan on When it Comes to Publishing it Pays to Think Outside of the Box.


Pantomime News

Been awhile since I did a general update of stuff, so here we go!

1. My launch at the London Forbidden Planet Megastore now has an event page. Please feel free to join if you wish to come or to invite friends and family you have in the area you think might wish to attend. Everyone is welcome, from all ages, and it’d be great to meet people who have read Pantomime, or who are interested in picking it up.

2. Oh mah gah I’m in a magazine! One of the members of my writing group who moved away to Glasgow was rifling through SciFiNow and came across my name! It’s a pretty balanced review of Pantomime. It was quite a weird experience to walk into a WHS at lunchtime and buy a copy (or three…) of the magazine. I also may or may not have been so excited that I showed the shopkeeper as she rang up my order.

3. Jessica at AllwaysUnmended posted a long examination of the themes in Pantomime, which was so fascinating for me to read as an author. Warning, there are some spoilers within, though they are clearly marked. The first half of the review does not have spoilers.

General writing updates:

In December, I focused a lot on publicity for Pantomime‘s blog tour, and I also wrote 3 first drafts of short stories, which are all set in Ellada. I don’t know what I’ll do with them, and all three of them need more work. But even if nothing comes of them, I had fun and learned a little bit more about another little boy from a noble family in Ellada, what lurks in the waters off the coast of Linde, and what happens to a group of miners after they discover a priceless Vestige artefact deep within the mines of Byssia.

I also went on a research trip to the Czech Republic and was thus able to finish my outline of another WIP and to edit the first 20k into something that makes more semblance of sense. I also outlined another book. And December was meant to be me taking it easy.

January will mainly be spent finishing up the guest posts and interviews for Pantomime‘s launch, trying not to freak out too much, and also switching gears back to editing Pantomime2. Whew.

Congratulations to Wesley Chu, the Lives of Tao, and Angry Robot Books!

I’m absolutely delighted to welcome to the blog today one of my closest friends, Wesley Chu, who has just signed a deal with Angry Robot Books for his debut, The Lives of Tao. We both submitted to the Angry Robot Open Door Month in March, 2011. When we both learned we had gone to editorial, we started chatting first on the AbsoluteWrite forums and then on gchat. We now pretty much chat every day, egging each other on and setting writing goals, angsting at each other and how marvelous and strange it is to transition from aspiring to professional author. I’ll even be crashing at his pad this summer for Worldcon, so I’m reasonably certain he’s not an axe-murderer.

I’m so happy that his wonderful, funny, action-packed sci fi book (think Chuck with aliens) has found a perfect home with the loveable but cross Angry Robots, and that we’re now colleagues and stablemates as well as best buds. So here’s Wes with a little more about The Lives of Tao.

Today is an important day. Alongside other momentous events such as my birth, my first back flip, and the first time Eva the Airedale Terrier learned to shake her head on command, I became a published author. This morning, Angry Robot Books announced a two book deal for my The Lives of Tao series.

Laura Lam, my literary partner-in-crime and future New York Times bestselling author, asked me to guest blog on her site. This is a first as well (today’s full of them!) and I’m not sure where to start.

For the first time, humanity will finally learn the truth about the alien puppet masters that have been living on our planet, and how their civil war caused some of the greatest wars this planet has ever seen. For years, I told everyone within hearing distance about these aliens who were manipulating mankind’s evolution by inhabiting our greatest historical figures. Most people just smiled and asked me if I ever met Tom Cruise at a Scientology meeting.

How else do you warn a civilization with the attention span of drunken hamsters about the impending destruction of Earth by aliens no one can see? A person can’t just go to the local authorities and report the danger. We all saw how that worked with Kyle Reese. All it got was everyone at the police station killed.

So I did what any righteous freedom loving citizen of the United States would do if they wanted to be heard and respected. I tried to get on reality TV. When that didn’t pan out (Why didn’t you turn around, Ceelo!), I opted for the next best thing. I wrote a book. Labeling it as a fiction wasn’t a mistake. I do want people to read it after all. But make no mistake. This series will be the most important set of books you will ever read! Learn about how a silly Mongol conquered the known world. Discover the real cause of the Spanish Inquisition.

The first book in the Lives of Tao trilogy will be released April 2013 by Angry Robot Books. People say the Angry Robots are just mad and want to take over the world. I call them Earth patriots.

Congrats, Wes! You can find out more about Wes and the hidden war among us at his blog and on Twitter.